Tools for evolving organizations

are more than tests. These are tools specially adapted for the Lithuanian market, allowing to make more precise decisions, laying the foundation for more efficient work, and helping to know and understand yourself and your colleagues better..


How does it work?

First of all the UNLOCK assessment tools which are based on the HEXACO, Big Five personality test, 16 personality types of C. Jung and EQ and IQ methodologies search for detailed answers about the employees personality, abilities, strengths, values and motivating factors. In addition, it examines the self-assessment of the employee and how others perceive them.

This information helps to create an efficient employee development plan’s, understand the success and failure factor, build a successful work team, improve company’s recruiting process, find the effective ways to motivate employees and evaluate the impact of changes..


Objective. The methodologies developed by Canadian and US scientists were adapted in Lithuania by a professional team of psychologists. The unique feature of UNLOCK is its reliability.

Complete.UNLOCK methodologies measure all major personality traits (24) and types (16). It also shows abilities, emotional intelligence, level of involvement in the organization, sales and motivational profiles.

Useful. UNLOCK tools, by measuring personal and team potential and effectiveness, allow you to systematically evaluate and further develop your organizational performance.

Universal. UNLOCK tools are used in employee selection, team building, development plans, team conflicts, internal communication, motivational and performance evaluation systems. These tools are also used to assess the ability and level of engagement of the organization’s employees.

Professional. Experienced psychologists, experts in organizations, or our trained human resources specialists present personality test results, provide their interpretation and propose recommendations.

Our tools


– unlock your potential

It is a combination of highly reliable personality traits and type determination techniques developed by Canadian and US scientists and our decades of experience in the realities of the Lithuanian market..


– find the ones whose actions speak louder than words

These tests are analysing employee’s abilities: verbal, abstract and analytical thinking. This tool increases the reliability and validity of the recruitment process.

Panoramic 360

– assessing teams

It is a methodology that allows one to assess personality traits and competences through the eyes of the assessee, colleagues and managers. This tool compares each employee’s self-assessment on how they are viewed by other team members.


– evaluate your organization

It is a tool for measuring employee’s engagement, understanding of company goals, shared values and emotional commitment.

Emotional intelligence

– key to communication

This questionnaire analyses and assesses employee’s emotional competences and emotional intelligence – the ability to recognize one’s own feelings and those of others, to adapt to them or to adapt them appropriately to one’s own and the organisation’s goals.


– master your persuasion and selling abilities

This tool is designed to measure and to develop sales competencies – for those whose quality of work directly correlates with a company’s financial performance.

UNLOCK tools speed up our hiring and recruitment process, and also employee turnover. It is pleasure to cooperate with professionals.

Vilius Benetis

NRD CS General Manager

UNLOCK allows to spot the highest potencial leaders. Self-assessment tools identify potential strengths and areas of improvement.

Inga Radeckienė

JSC „Premier Restaurants“ McDonald‘s

Using the UNLOCK Personality methodology, we defined the competency models for top-level and middle-level management, as well as first-line managers. We were able to identify the organization’s core competencies, that drive our organization down the road to success.

Vaida Jonynienė

JSC „Tetas“

We enjoyed the professional advice and we were supported by experienced consultants. We are excited about UNLOCK tools and were are happy with the result.

Ligita Bielskienė


Why is it worth it?

For the company

  • You will be provided with tested methodologies and personal consultations in the Lithuanian market
  • We will advise you on what to do with the results and we will share with you proven market solutions
  • We will monitor changes in the company and provide continuous consultation
  • We will explain most of the reasons for different situations occurring in the company
  • We strictly comply with the privacy policy requirements and respect the well-being of the people

For the manager

  • You will form more effective teams
  • You will understand what kind of people to hire for the company
  • You will realise the strengths and weaknessess of the company
  • You will get to know and understand colleagues better
  • You will know which of your skills you need to develop

For employees

  • You will realise what type of a person you are
  • You will understand the reasons why you are that type of a person
  • You will understand your strengths and bad sides that need to be improved
  • You will assess yourself on how your colleagues perceive you
  • You will learn what needs to be improved and how
  • You will become more open with yourself and others